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Farmed. Picked. Low-Temp Fried


Founded by a desire to eat more plants/fungi, and inspire environmental, design and food innovation

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Biggest innovation I tasted at the show, and the most buzzed-about booth
— The Globe and Mail (Chicago Snacks Expo)

What the media thinks…

MudLrk Founder - Trace Ostergren

MudLrk Founder - Trace Ostergren

Our latest effort at marketing…

Our latest effort at marketing…

MudLrk - (pronounced Mud-Lark) is a person who scavenges for items of value

We scavenge across Asia for quality shiitakes and jackfruit, create relationships with each family farm and with the creators of our ingredients and unique packaging materials

Why Mushrooms?

We believe mushrooms are a power-house food! Their nutritional reputation precedes them, and are a superbly sustainable food-source. Mushrooms are neither plant nor animal, but belong to the kingdom of Fungi. Shiitakes, one of +10,000 mushroom species have been particularly praised for thousands of years across Asia and used for their potential medicinal benefits. That Japanese ramen you may like so much, is often made with shiitakes. Our whole, crunchy shiitake mushroom chips are high in fiber, obtain good fats and are a natural source for the minerals copper, iron and selenium


Why Brown Bag it?

Well, before developing mushroom chips, our Founder began by first creating a remarkable package. He developed a bag comprised of non-petroleum, compostable materials. Our landfills are filling up, our oceans are littered with plastics and we believe in taking initiative to minimize our negative impact on our planet. We take initiative through using these unique packaging materials

Why Use These Ingredients?

All our ingredients are animal-free, non-GMO, gluten-free and aligned with our mission. We use quality palm fruit oil because it obtains good amounts of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, it also allows for a superb taste and has a high smoke point. We do our best to ensure our palm fruit oil is harvested from a sustainable source. We add a little maltose for two reasons, one as a processing-aid and as a sweetener to help mask some of the very “earthy” shiitake flavor. Our seasonings are made of unique combinations of spices, herbs, and dried vegetables


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