We strive to…

craft remarkable and delicious snacks, both good for you and good for our planet.

Shiitake mushrooms, widely known for their health benefits in Asian cultures, were discovered in China +3,500 years ago. We scavenge for quality shiitakes, low-temperature fry them, add our kickin' seasoning blends, then bag our chips with non-petroleum compostable materials.


Founder’s Story

Our Founder, Trace Ostergren (above) first ventured to China when he was 15 years-old, where he attended school and traveled extensively throughout Asia. Life experiences proved to have profound effects, and his interest in health and sustainability began to develop. Although, many ideas were attempted prior to MudLrk (pronounced Mud-Lark), he is confident that this brand and its products most exemplify his goals and beliefs: to create remarkable food products that are beautifully crafted, good for you and good for our planet.